Name, Surname
Ali Husseyin Hasan The Joke in the Folklore of the Peoples of Oghuz Descent (Turkey,Azerbaijan and Iraqi Turkmens)
Anne Afridonidze La poetique du portrait et sa dimension linguastique dans la narration contaporaine
Ana Chakvetadze Concept Time In Modern Egnlish And Georgian Phraseology
Bela Durglishvili Artistic Transformation of the Fable in the Prose of Jemal Karchkhadze
Christine Chokhonelidze Linguopragmatic Analysis Of Functioning Of Pragmatic Markers
Dato Tsuleiskiri Political Crisis in Germany and Collapse of Weimar Republic(1930-1933)
David Dzadzamia Development and Introduction of Diagnostic System for Vibroacoustic Monitoring and Technical Condition of Hydrower-Generating Units of Vartsikhe HPP
Diana Moseshvili Traditions of the Arabic Language in Nothern Caucasus
Diana Uglava The Role of Reform of the Persion Insurance and its Provision System in the Economic Develompent of the Country
Ekaterine Julakidze The theory on Intertextuality and the Linguistic Aspect of Journalistic Genres on the Basis of Textual Study of Interview
Ekaterine Kurdadze Nonverbal Communication As A Naprative Phenomenon And As A Linguocultural Problem
Ekaterine Losaberidze Modern Pedagogical Technologies of Planning and Delivering a lesson
Ekaterine Ukleba Systems Appoarch to georgian Power Industry Development and its Management
Elizbar Barbakadze The Ways to Improve the Methodology of Managerial Decision-Making
Franz Grillparzers theoretisch ästhetische Ansichten und die Trilogie Das goldene Vließ
Giorgi Kepuladze Poverty as a socio - Economic phenomenon, The Theoretical and Methodological Features of Its Investigation
Giorgi Kvitashvili The second Front Question in the Correspondence and Meetings of the Leaders of the Anti-Hitler Coalition
Givi Kublashvili Non-Traditional Energy Resources of Georgia and Feasibility Study of their Use
Gurami Gabiani Geritzel Baazov`s Roleand Place In The History Of Georgian Literature During 20s And 30s Of The XX Century
Harun Chimke The Semantic Analysis of preverbs in the Contemporary Georgian Language
Hazim Mohammed Hussein Social Views of Nazim Hikmet According to His Human Landscapes from My Country
Ioseb Abuladze Increasing Operational Reliability of Adjara -based Agricultural Equipment and resourse Saving Technology Processing to Restore depreciable Parts
Irma Rusadze Somatic Idioms in the Aspect of Lingoculturology (On the Material of English an Georgian Languages)
Isidore Khachakhidze The Reduction Of Vertical And Horizontal Oscillations Of Articulated Lorry By Developing A rational Towing Mechanism
Ivane Gokadze Methodical Specifics of Solving Some Mathematical Olympiad Problems
Kakha Chubinidze Rotation of Coordinate axes and Differentiation of Integrals with resoect to Translation Invariant Bases
Ketevan Doghonadze Referance As A Textual Phenomenon And As A Linguiculturological Problem
Ketevan khurcilava Primary Education and pedagogical Thinking in Western Georgia in the XIX Century
Khatia Khvadagiani Processing of floury product technologies with high biological cost by using vegetable raw materials enriched with protein
Khatuna Babunashvili Georgian Internet Space - Problems and Perspectives
Khatuna Rusadze Modulation of Hippocampal Cholinergic Transmittion And Memory Function By Septohippocampal Projections
Kristine Dzagnidze A Tematic Segmentation of Phraseological Fund For Business Negotiation of the MOdern English Language
Lali khvadagiani Research of the Felting Process of Modified eco - Wool
Leri Bantsuri On Differential Proferties Of Multivarieble Functiones
Lida Oboladze Contructive Analysis Of A Sentence Structure In Connection With The Theory Of Compositional - Speech Forms
Liana Dzotsenidze Literary Fairy Tale as a Linguocultural Phenomenon and its Intertextual Structure (Based on Oscar Wildes literary fairy tales
Maia Gabadadze Literatury Text Title As A Linguocultural PHRNOMRNON And Its Typological Dynamics In The Context Of British Prose
Maia Alavidze Implicature Of An Interview As A Text
Maia Diakonidze Tourism Industry and Prospects of Development of the Georgian Labor Market
Maka Khetsuriani Radioecological Investigation In The City Of Kutaisi And In Adjacent Landscapes
Manana Chichinadze Critical And Opposition Reflection Of The Soviet Reality In Mikheil Javakhishvili's Creative Work
MARIAM BABUKHADIA Grammatical Ways Of Expressing Modality In The English And Georgian Languages
Mariam Marjanishvili Georgian Emigration Writing in South America in the XX century Georgian Literature
Mariam Kapanadze Education and pedagogical thinking in Western Georgia in the early of the twentieth century (1900-1917years)
Mariam Nemsadze The Factor of fear and Resentment in Ancient Drama
Marika Tedoradze Kriterien zur Bestimmung des Status der sprachlichen Einheiten
Medea Fanchulidze Hess`s Missions Conceptual Comprehension
Megi Shalikiani-Skhireli The poetics of Drama and Linguistic Dimension of the Dramatic Dialogue
Mikheil Labadze Speech Originalities Of Autochton Georgians - Laz And Livanians - In Murguli Ravine
Muzaffer Kir The Turkish Translation Of Nodar Dumbadze's Novel I See The Sun
Nana Gorgodze Modern Media Culture And An Analytical Article As A Journalistic Gerne And A Text
Nana Lukhutashvili Contemporary Manifestations of Motivation in the Innovative Organizations
Natia Chigvaria Pericularitties Of Romantic Romance By Nathaniel Hawthorne
Natia Bobokhidze Pedagogical and psychological grounds for the usage of traditional and innovative methods in English language classes (VII - IX grades)
Natalia Santeladze Feijoa (Sellowiana Berg) Agroindustrial Grouping In Agroecological Environment Of Alluvial Soils In Imereti Region
Natia Pertaia The Structure Of Conflict And The Principles Of Compositional Organization In Ancient Greek Prose Fiction
Natia Kvachakidze Ernest Hemingways Short Story Poetics (On The Material Of Nick Adams Stories)
Nestan Khimshiashvili Adrian Lekverkuhn - Antifaust des XX Jahrhunderts
Nikoloz Parjanadze The Specifics Of Generation Pragmatic Meaning
Nino Devidze Dream Phenomenon In The Ancient Literature
Nino Nijaradze Comunicative Competence And Syntatic Synoymy As A Psycholinguistic Phenomenon
Nino Mamrikishvili Upbringing ,As A Mechanism Of Solving Crime Prevention
Nino Okreshelidze The Compositional And Stylistic Functions Of The Past Tense English And Georgian Languages
Nino Kancheli Pedagogical concepts of John Dewey
Nino Kintsurashvili Developent technologies of functional meat products and processing system for safety guarantess
Nino Tavidashvili QUASIRIELA - Universal Linguistic And Cultural Phenomena And Their Verbalization In Different Language System
Otar Gogiashili
Problems Of Small And Medium Business And Ways To Solve Them In Georgia
Revaz Filia The Use of Mathematical Modeling in the Criminalistics Expert Examination
Shalva Tsagareishvili Development of Beer Filtration Processes Using Membrane Technologies
Shorena Barbakadze The Phenomen Of Consciusness In Ancient Literature
Shorena Chakvetadze Getting different types of tea products by using traditional and non-traditional raw materials
Shorena Momtsemlidze Study Of Silting The Rioni River`s Reservoirs And Methods To Combat It
Sophia Bazadze Algrnon Charles Swinburne and English Pre - Raphaelitism
Sophio Gachechiladze Development of gluten free floury product technologies with high biological value
Sophio Imedadze Lexis Of Arabic Origin In The Georgian Dectionary (Lexikoni Kartuli) By Sulkhan - Saba Orbeliani
Tamar Alpaidze Short Story Poetics and the Linguistic Dimension of a Short Story Cycle
Tamar Cheishvili Edgar Poe And Gothic Elements In The 20th Century American Fiction
Tamar Chkhaidze
Tamar Mardaleishvili Dramatic Text As Translation Object And Translation Style Problem
Tamar Nadiradze-Gogoladze Conditions and Prospects for Entrepreneurship Development in the regions of Georgia
Tamar Khachidze Some Problems Of Hidden Dynamical Symetries In Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
Tamta Cheishvili The Issues of the Social and Political History of Georgia in the Articles of the Newspaper Mtskems
Tea Kherkhadze Verbal Fictional Portrait as a Text and as a Linguocultural Problem
Teona Murgulia Education and Pedagogical Thinking of Georgia in 1918-1921
Tatia Leladze British and Georgian Talk Shows as a Journalistic Genre
Tinatin Kopaleishvili Development of Formula and Technology of Soft Dosage Forms with Wound-Healing Activity Containing Tea Leaf Lipid Complex
Tsitsino Dzotsenidze Economic problems and perspectives of European Integration
Valeria Lobzhanidze Personal Deixis And Communicative - Pragmatic Structure Of A Literary Narrative Text
Varlam Mindeli Technology for Producing a Speacial Wine From Colored Grape Raw Materials Growing in Imereti
Vakhtang Tevdoradze Hikma (Wise Sayings, Aphorisms, Proverbs) In Pre - Islamic Arabic
Vera Tsereteli Education In Ancient Greece And Rome (In Ancient Literature)
Widaad Jasim Mohammed Structural-Semantic Analyses of Orhan Kemals Novels