The department of Philosophy and Psychology was created in 2005 on the basis of the departments of Philosophy and Psychology. These departments started functioning in Kutaisi State Pedagogical Institute (in 1933) and they have existed since then. Many well-known scholars worked here such as: Dimitri Uznadze, Shalva Nutsubidze, Kote Bakradze, Angelia Bichishvili, Shalva Chkhatishvili and Revaz Natadze, etc. After unifying the departments, it was chaired by Professor Robert Goletiani until 2010. Within 2010-2013 Associate Professor Manana Chiteishvili guided the department. Since 2013, the head of the department has been associate professor Merab Maghradze. During its existence, the department has carried out the following education programs: 1) Master’s program in Educational Psychology within 2006-2010, 2) Bachelor’s program in Psychology since 2009, 3) Minor Program in Phylosophy- since 2011 4) Master’s program “Phylosophy and Religious Studies”since 2017-2018 academic year The professors Robert Goletiani and Ketevan Pavliashvili (Invited Contractors), Associate Professors- Merab Magradze, Manana Bandzeladze, Marine Sirbiladze, Manana Chiteishvili, Badri Porchkhidze, Omar Devidze, Mirian Ebanoidze, Iakob Kuchukhidze, two specialists- Lali Nakashidze and Amiran Kvernadze and the invited teacher Ermolo Lanchava have worked in the department throughout its existence, as well as Roman Mikautadze (died in 2011), Costante Sturua (died in 2015). All members of the Department systematically participate in scientific conferences and publications. Each member of the academic staff has published monographs and books. Throughout it existence, the department initited two scientific conferences: The conference in 1910 dedicated to 100th anniversary of Shalva Chkhatishvili and the conference held in 2016 in commemoration of Dimitri Uznadze's 130th anniversary. Famous philosophers and psychologists from almost every scientific center of Georgia participated in the conferences.

# Name, Surname Academic Position CV
1 Roberti Goletiani Emeritus
2 Marine Sirbiladze Associated Professor
3 Manana Chiteishvili Associated Professor
4 Merabi Maghradze Associated Professor
5 Mirian Ebanoidze Professor
6 Manana Bandzeladze Associated Professor
7 Badri Forchkhidze Associated Professor
8 Goderdzi Tevdoradze Associated Professor
9 Eteri Ormotsadze Associated Professor