Functions and Responsibilities of the Legal Service:
•    According to the decisions of the university managing bodies, drafting legal acts to implement the goals of the university, main directions of the activities and priorities;
•    Support implementation of the authority of the university managing bodies within the competence;
•    Carry out lawmaking activity within the competence;
•    Expertise of the legal draft-projects made by the university educational and support structural units, and if necessary, preparing conclusions on the projects conformity with the legislation;
•    Representing the university in arbitrage and courts;
•    By the Rector's order, preparing recommendations and proposals within the competence;
Carrying out particular orders and instructions of the Rector.
•    According to the functions and objectives of the Service, the unity of the Service authorities and of its employees represents the competence of the Service;
Authority and Responsibility of the Service
While implementing the entrusted functions and objectives, the Service is authorized to:
a) Take measures to implement the service functions and objectives;
b)Within the competence, control and demand from the university educational and support structural units obedience to the rules set by the legislation, the Statute of the university and other acts of the university;
c) Request information about the issues connected with the Service activities from the university educational and support structural units;
d) Check the status of lawmaking process in educational structural units of the university and if necessary, submit the results of the inspection to the Rector, Vice-rector of the university;
e) Monitor the lawmaking process at the university;
f) Within the competence, work out administrative (legal) acts.

The Service is Responsible for:
a) Implementation of the functions and objectives defined by these regulations;
b) Ensuring the legal service at the university;
c) Executing the instructions and objectives of the university governing bodies;
d) Maintaining the entrusted property.
Head of the Service – Zaqaria Goguadze
Specialist – Kakha Kukhalashvili
Specialist – Mamuka Ashvetia