The Reunion of the Graduates (1980) of The Institute of Georgian Subtropical Agriculture in ATSU

The Graduates (1980) of The Institute of Georgian Subtropical Agriculture visited the faculty of Agriculture in connection with the jubilee of ATSU. They reunited after 40 years of graduation on the 23rd of November, 2018. The meeting took place among former lecturers , fellow-students and the present administration staff.

The dean of the faculty of Agriculture, professor Ketevan Kintsurashvili, former dean Assoc. Professor Ramaz Kiladze and the head of the Department of Tourism and Landscape Architecture, professor Eter Benidze addressed the audience with speech.
Over 60 graduates attended the meeting. Most of them had previously taken leading positions in the field of Agriculture. Majority of them are still actively involved in the process of development of the field. The most respected professors of the field are: Aleksandra (Liana) Chafidze and Neli Kelenjeridze. Atmosphere at the meeting was very friendly and welcoming. Speakers mentioned many memorable moments connected with the teaching and learning process. 

ვებ გვერდი ოპტიმიზირებულია შშმ პირებისთვის.