International Competition by Academy of Asian Business

The Academy of Asian Business (AAB) invites students of Georgian higher education institutions to participate in WACC 2020 (World Asian Business Case Competition) international competition.

This year, the competition will be held under the title "How Asian Brands Soar". Applicants (a group of 2-3 students) must learn a case of a leading Asian company and prepare a presentation on its activities and worldwide success. The top ten teams participating in the competition will be awarded with an AAB scholarship and will be able to visit Seoul on August 8, where the final winner will be announced.
Proposal submission deadline: April 1, 2020
Announcement of finalists (10 teams) as Top 10 winners: June 12, 2020
AAB will also award the winners of the following categories: The AAB Best Educator of the Year Award and The Best Business Creative Capitalism Award. The award will be given to successful individuals in the field of economics and business, engaged in educational activities. More information on the terms of participation is available on the following website.
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