2023 UNESCO-L’OREAL Award for Outstanding Achievement in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science for Women Scientists. In 2023, this award will designate 5 outstanding researchers-scientists from 5 different regions (one researcher from one region): 1. Africa and Arab countries;
2. Asia and the Pacific;
3. Europe;
4. Latin America and the Caribbean;
5. North America.
In order for a candidate to be considered for this award she must be nominated by:
1. Head of a university or scientific institute;
2. Members of the Scientific Academy;
3. Representatives of the research department;
4. Full Professors;
5. Former laureates of the award;
6. Persons with at least a doctorate in science.
The application can be submitted only online via www.forwomeninscience.com until 31 May.
See detailed information in the appendix (2 files).