Students' Psychotherapist

The goal of the Psychotherapist is to facilitate the process of solving the psycho-emotional problems posed before students and find effective ways. A psychotherapist offers ATSU students individual and group consultations.
The main functions of a students’ psychologist are:
• Individual psychological counseling for students;
• Working on cases related to individual interventions of students;
• Carrying out primary and permanent screening of students, psycho-diagnostic assessment;
• Psychological assessment, problem-oriented service in the process of work;
• Planning of individually provided psycho-rehabilitation activities;
• Planning of the psychological part of an individual plan and providing recommendations within the timeframe, depending on the needs;
• Planning of students' psychological intervention, preparation of individual psycho-consolidating personal forms and interference in case of special risks (suicide, depression, personal disorder, inadequate conditions of different kinds caused by stress, traumatic experiences, etc.).

Contact information:
XXII Campus, ATSU library, Ground floor. T. Tabidze str. #18 room #22-104 (head office)
Irma Laliashvili
+995 568 09 01 04
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