Department of Chemical and Environmental Technologies was established in 1968, when  day training department first  opened in Kutaisi branch of Georgian Polytechnic  Institute. The Department of Chemistry was created as a structural unit of this faculty (head of the department –Docent Valerian Bregvadze) , who administered and coordinated Department “Technology of food and light industry. In 1969, in pursuit of faculty development, two departments were founded based on the Department of Chemistry.
1)    Department of Organic and Analytical Chemistry (The department chair – Docent Bagrat Berodze)
2)    Department of  General and Inorganic Chemistry (The department chair- Docent Valerian Bregvadze)
3)    Since 80s the department has been called  Department of Chemical technology and Organic Chemistry(The department  chair- Docent  Elizavet Tabuadze) preparing specialists in the direction of chemistry and technology. A new specialty was created on the basis of the department in 1990 Plastics and Elastomer processing technology.Considering multilateral specificity of the current department it has been agreed to  establish a new department since then. The department has been renamed as  the department of Organic Chemistry and  Plastics and Elastomer processing Technology(the head of the department- Docent –Bobby Butskhrikidze)
In parallel with  the department , a newly created  department of engineering ecology and labor protection has been developing  since 1990(The head of the department- Docent Teimuraz Vekua), and prepared the specialists in the direction of environmental protection and rational use of  natural resources. Within 1994-1996 the department was headed by the Docent Vakhtang  Kvantidze. As a result of unifying  the two departments, the department of  organic chemistry, chemical technology and ecology was formed in 2000 and was headed by  professor  Bobby Butskhrikidze till 2011. During his leadership,  the department  started to carry out educational and research activities of chemical and pharmaceutical technologies.  wood processing technology unified with the department in 2006(the head of the department-  Docent  Tamaz Lomidze)
he Department of Chemical Engineering of the Department of Technology, as a separate Department, carries out the following programs:
Bachelor’s programs:
Chemistry and  Technology  of pharmaceutical preparations
Environmental engineering and applied ecology;
timber materials technology.
Master’s programs
Technology of Pharmaceutical preparations
Environmental Protection and Engineering Ecology
Doctor’s programs are as follows:
Technology of chemical-pharmaceutical and biologically active substances;
Environmental Engineering
Vocational  Program:
Furniture design specialist (IV level ).

# Name, Surname Academic Position CV
1 Inga Bochoidze Full Professor
2 Tsitsino Turkadze Full Professor
3 Vakhtang Kvantidze Full Professor
4 Elene Gamkrelidze Associate Professor
5 Levan Kipiani Associate Professor
6 Malvina Tatvidze Associate Professor
7 Lamara Gobejishvili Associate Professor
8 Natia Khazaradze Associate Professor
9 Natia Kamkamidze Associate Professor
10 Vaja Tsiqvadze Associate Professor
11 Guladi Liparteliani Associate Professor
12 Nino Tsutskiridze Asistent-Professor
13 Mzia Kukhianidze Invited Teacher
14 Nino Guleishvili Invited Teacher
15 Manana Gabidzashvili Invited Teacher
16 Nino Sinauridze Invited Teacher
17 Gizo Gorgodze invited Specialist